At CDFI Friendly Bloomington, we are here to help you get organized. If you need help thinking through your project or business plan, or preparing financial documents, this page is home to our helpful worksheets.

You don’t need any of these worksheets to begin working with us, but you will need to have financial documentation, and project plans prepared down the road in order for us to connect you with a CDFI. The following worksheets are here for you as a tool if needed. If you already have this information documented independently, there’s no need fill these out.

To open a worksheet, click on the desired document, and the PDF file will open for download.


An image of the CDFI Friendly Bloomington Business Plan Worksheet
An image of the CDFI Friendly Bloomington small business project worksheet


The CDFI Friendly Bloomington Personal Financial Statement Worksheet
The CDFI Friendly Bloomington Income and Expense Projections Worksheet

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